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No, seriously, tell me what you guys have been up to. Since I left LJ, I've been crap at keeping up with people. It almost makes me want to get a Facebook.


People know who me know how that will never happen.

So what's up, guys? Are you doing groovy? Finishing up with grad school or college or law school or doctorate programs? Are you doing well in your jobs? Moving to new cities? Have new significant others or keeping with the old ones?

so yeah.

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Tomorrow, classes finally start.

...I've had all month to get ready.

.......I'm so not ready. 8D;

Actually, I'm mostly ready, it's just hard to motivate when I'm not even sure if I'll be here at the end of summer. Such a strange place to be in. Usually, I'm gearing up for a full year, but now I'm barely certain if I'll be here 3 months. Perhaps that's why I feel so disconnected with the urgency of the situation. Ah, well.
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I swear to God if plurk keeps messing up, I'm going to punch a baby in the throat. I will go out into the world, find a baby and punch it.

In its tiny baby throat.

B| Can you tell I'm annoyed?

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That said, I do want to cosplay more. It's...seriously my only hobby outside RP and all these goddamn jobs. Lolita, while I still love it, is falling by the wayside because no one in Osaka does it anymore. At least not in my friend circle. Not that I ever have time to hang out with friends anymore. Holy fuck I need a life.
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Well! Today was the Nipponbashi Street Festa. The costume ended up going great, even if the shoes killed my feet like I thought they would. I had to take a lot of breaks to sit and take my shoes off after a few hours. Thankfully, my friends were understanding about the whole thing. I felt bad that I had to keep causing them to sit out. :( But! It was super fun, there were lots of great cosplays and here are a few photographs!

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